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Finding Inspiration in Every moment

Strong narratives accompanied by strong visuals, this is the calling card of international award winning director Robert dos Santos. Influenced by the early masters of cinema such Jean-Luc Godard and Martin Scorsese as well as modern masters such as James Cameron and Christopher Nolan, cinematic visuals and compelling storylines are instilled into every project.

Born in South Africa and working out of Cape Town Robert began his career as an attorney specialising in commercial contracts and entertainment law. With knowledge of the industry he took a leap out of the safe corporate world into the exciting adventures of commercials and film and has not looked back since.

A citizen of both South Africa and Portugal his shoots see him taken all around the world to exotic locations, which form the backdrop of his cinematic style.


the Story

The story is simple. Born to immigrant parents who moved from Mozambique and Zambia to South Africa, I was pushed towards a safe job with stable outcomes.

Like many others, I did what I wasn't supposed to do because it seemed like a good idea. So I learned law and business and then when I couldn't hold back the urge any longer I jumped, and I have been flying ever since.

Looking back I couldn't be happier with the road I took because it taught me two things. Firstly, life experience. I have seen and done things that you would never imagine in film school. Secondly, it has taught me to never waste a single moment.

Now, fully charged with experience and an unstoppable desire to do, I dedicate every living moment I have to crafting the most incredible stories the world has ever seen.




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