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It was us

tvc & short film
for planet theta



South African director Robert dos Santos Film and Commercials Director


it was us

It Was Us is a short film commercial, produced by Dragonfly and And., for Planet Theta the first ever virtual reality dating app based entirely on the metaverse.

Directed by Robert dos Santos, the film utilises focuses on the concept of finding true love through the help of this innovative new platform.

With inspiration coming from the love focused culture and attitude of Planet Theta the short film is centered around the idea of finding your person.

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The concept

The concept flows from Planet Theta's desire to connect people into longterm meaningful relationships through their platform.

As such the story follows a mixed race couple who look back on their life and the way in which their love was formed thanks to the dating platform.

We follow the couple as the reminisce on their highs and even their lows as we see everything from their first date and kiss to their first fight and eventual marriage.


the starting point


We start our story off with our characters in the later years of their marriage as they celebrate a birthday and reconnect with their past and the way in which they met.


When our characters see the VR Goggles which caused them to meet in virtual reality on Planet Theta they are kicked off into a memory of how they came to be.

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PLANET THETA SC03 S4_edited.jpg



We move into the memories of the relationship and watch as it blossoms from the first date into the first night alone together.

Sparks fly as the two fall in love through a series of dates and intimate moments together.



Most companies would want to shy away from the realities of relationships and focus only on the good, but the truth is that love and reality is nuanced. Some days are good, and some days are bad.

We wanted to highlight that even the best of relationships have off days, but its not about that, its about how you recover and continue to work for love after that.

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THE return


No love story is complete without a return to glory.  Following the fallout of the fight they are reunited as Frances proposes to Jackwin.

Recovering from this we are catapulted into a sequence of events which leads up to their marriage.



Our story is bookended by our mature characters feeling the after effects of their memories, reflecting on how they were brought together.

Both the young and mature characters are shown looking at their VR goggles which connects both them and their memories together with Planet Theta.

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on location

The idea was to mix a fair level of fantastic escapism with grounded reality. We wanted to capture both the extraordinary fantasy of being in love while also stay true to the realities of a grounded and long lasting marriage.

It is for this reason that we shot on location to give us a lived in sense of reality which would be contrasted against the virtual reality of an online relationship experienced through VR.

Behind The Scenes Planet Theta

South African director Robert dos Santos Film and Commercials Director

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