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01. Nominations & Awards

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Paris World Cinema Festival - 2023(1).png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Paris International
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Rome Prisma Film Awards - 2023(1).png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Philadelphia Arthou
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Dallas Movie Awards
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Atlanta Movie Award
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Bitesize Film Festival - 2022(1).png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - London Lift-Off Film Festival - 2021(1).png
OFFICIALSELECTION-BestGlobalShorts-Season42020 (1).png
Holywood Golden Age.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Chelsea Fashion Film Festival - 2020(1).png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Paris Short Film Festival - 2023(1).png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Los Angeles Fashion Festival - 2020(1).png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Rio de Janeiro World Film Festival - 2022.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Sydney Indie Short Festival - 2022(1).png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - San Francisco Arthouse Short Festival - 2021(1).png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - The Black Sea Film Festival - 2021(1).png
ASFF 2019 Official Selection WHITE.png
Official Selection 2020 - White_edited.p
SIFFF Laurels - Official Selection White 2020.png
Bokeh - White.png
ASFF Laurel - White.png
official_selection_2020 - Transparent WHITE.png
SAIFF 2020 LAURELS WHITE_edited.png
LAFA21 Winner vector W.png
Canada shorts official selection laurel
First-Time Filmmaker Sessions - laurel (white).png

Robert dos Santos

With 40+ international awards and nominations to his name Robert dos Santos is without a doubt one of the visionaries changing the face of film today. This once upon a time lawyer has thrown his court robes aside and plunged headfirst into the world of directing with explosive results.


Winning at the Los Angeles Film awards and earning an honorary mention by Hollywood New Directors he has worked with countless high profile brands which include Mercedes-Benz and Warner Group.


A master of storytelling with a focus on strong narratives each of his projects exude a confident and effortless cinematic touch that will take your breath away. Based out of Cape Town, South Africa and Portugal his work has taken him across the globe. This is a director to keep your eyes on.

4k Showreel

Strong narratives accompanied by strong visuals, this is the calling card of international award winning director Robert dos Santos. Influenced by the early masters of cinema such Jean-Luc Godard and Martin Scorsese as well as modern masters such as James Cameron and Christopher Nolan, cinematic visuals and compelling storylines are instilled into every project.

Born in South Africa and working out of Cape Town Robert began his career as an attorney specialising in commercial contracts and entertainment law. With knowledge of the industry he took a leap out of the safe corporate world into the exciting adventures of commercials and film and has not looked back since.


A citizen of both South Africa and Portugal his shoots see him taken all around the world to exotic locations, which form the backdrop of his cinematic style.

South African director Robert dos Santos Film and Commercials Director

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