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Josh Kempen Musician on Salt Flats

Josh Kempen - The Artist

Model Courtney Fitchat on Salt Flats

Courtney Fitchat - The Lover


Promises is a music video produced by And. for Warner Music Group's talented artist Josh Kempen. Shot on location in Namibia, the scenery and backdrop serve as an inspirational setting for this slow driven song.

Centered around a deep seeded love that has lived deep within him, the song follows the journey of calling back for what was once real but no longer exist.

The separation of the artist and his lost love and their eventual reunification is symbolic of this journey of love lost and found once more.

Josh Kempen on Bike in Namibia Salt Flats
Robert dos Santos on Namibian Salt Flats

The concept


The concept, originally set out by Josh Kempen, was to represent the song Promises in a loose narrative, whereby him and the object of his promise were represented by the characters in the video.

To take this concept and bring it to life, the location, the distance between the characters, their movement, and the eventual reunification became important physical representations of the ideas held in the song.

The eventual location of the salt flats, the vehicles, and the distance between all become visual elements which assisted in portraying the underlying meanings behind the title track.

THE song


The song is slow and set upon the bedrock of a simple but melodic acoustic guitar track, punctuated by electric slide guitar which envokes the sounds of a calling from far away.

The song builds itself up to a slow crescendo which accompanies the reunification of the artist and his lost love as they ride off into the sunset together.

Hand and model salt flats namibia sunshine
Josh Kempen Salt Flats

the couple


The song identifies a love that once existed between the artist and a lover somewhere in his past. Courtney Fitchat served as the physical embodiment of this lost lover.


It was important to initially keep the couple isolated in their shots so as to build the space between them, which distance is resolved after their reunification on the motorbike.

the location


The distance between Josh Kempen and his lover is seen symbolically through his distance with Courtney Fitchat as well as the physical distance of the location.

Set on a Salt Flat in Southern Africa the space provided is a physical embodiment of the isolation and separation that is expressed within the track.

Josh Kempen Salt Flats
Man on bike on namibian salt flats

the movement

Movement of the artist was incredibly important for the visual imagery of the song as it signifies the journey he has taken and serves as the vehicle for the eventual reunification.

The endless horizons of the salt flats set a focal point for movement, a focal point which can never be reached which hint at the deeper meaning hints at love lost.


The desolate landscape of the Namibian salt flats served a strong visual goal in setting a scene of isolation. The vast vistas assist in creating a mood which matches the tone of the song, being both beautiful and longing.

A combination of light blues, whites, and yellows during the day set in contrast to the dark blues, blacks, and pinks of dusk allowed for an incredible tonal shift while allowing for soft but vibrant colours to flow throughout the video.

Shadow on salt flats in namibia
Camera on salt flats in namibia
Film truck on salt flats in namibia
Boots on salt flats


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