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Director Robert dos Santos on Set Atronaut
Film Set Moon Landing
Director Robert dos Santos on Set on The Moon
Film Set Fake Moon Landing


To The Stars is a television commercial and short film produced by And. and created for Restonic shot on location and in studio in Cape Town, South Africa.

Directed by Robert dos Santos, the tvc tells a story of achievement through dreaming big and shooting for the stars.

In aligning with Restonic's core tenet of supporting dreams, the commercial and short film take on the loftiest of all dreams, taking off into space.

Girl on bed



The story follows our young aspirational Dreamer from the moment her dream first formulates clearly in her mind until the day she achieves that dream.

The drawing of the spaceman on the moon serves as the visual representation of the Dreamer's goal and the representation of her dream.

little girl dreaming


As we follow the Dreamer as she grows from a young girl to a bright young woman it was important that the growth was seamless.

In order to achieve this extensive casting took place in order to find the characters who properly represent not the aging process but form a family compliment of mother and daughter.



The score, which was composed specifically for this piece, underpins the visuals and the ultimate end goal of reaching for your dreams.

The score highlights the themes of heroism and a call to adventure while also keeping momentum with tones of inspiration and achievement.

The concept

Restonic Beds is a company built upon inspiration. With their slogan "Supporting Dreams Since 1938" they enable their customers to reach their dreams by giving them a good night's rest.

The concept was to not simply create a commercial but rather to create a story which encapsulates this ideal and show that with the right amount of effort, anything is possible.

Drawing of an astronaut

the dreamer

While dreaming is one of the most important things we can ever do, it is just as important to work hard to achieve these goals, otherwise they remain dreams.

To bring out the hard work and dedication it takes to become an astronaut we follow as our dreamer grows up, goes to university, and works to achieve her dream.

Woman at UCT university

the theme


The theme stems from the slogan of the brand in its support of dreams and could be put simply in that if you can dream it you can do it.

The theme is carried on throughout as we find follow our young dreamer formulating her dream and then growing up to pursue it to completion.

Astronaut on the moon
Director Robert dos Santos and Crew on the film set of the moon landing

the moon

While dreams are kept in our minds it is important that they be as real as they can possibly be.

To highlight this and hit home the feeling of realism no visual effects were used with everything being captured in camera.

To achieve this a great amount of effort was taken to recreate the moon and the spaceship interiors and create a sense of being on the moon itself.

Fake Moon Landing Film set Movie
Fake Film Set Moon
Film Set Moon Fake Landing
Director Robert dos Santos Film Set Moon Atronaut

South African director Robert dos Santos Film and Commercials Director

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