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New Release for Warner Music

The new music video for Sketchy Bongo, directed by Robert dos Santos and starring Kyle Deutsch and Suraya Rose follows the two as they plot and execute a bank robbery.

The music video follows the fictional story of two lovers who plan and execute a bank robbery.

Robert dos Santos has was quoted as saying about the video: "The lyrics to Melody revolve around Kyle's infatuation for a lover and the lengths he would go for her. The idea of the music video was to bring this story to life while adding on an additional layer of intrigue and excitement. To achieve this we wove the romantic narrative through the planning and execution of a heist as well as the change of plans which is seen in the twist ending.

This was without a doubt one of the most exciting shoots I have undertaken for Warner Music. Our shooting schedule took us from rooftops, to the city streets, to an old bank vault located deep in the depths of Johannesburg CBD. Because of this the atmosphere on set was both professional and enjoyable, allowing us to create something which was both organic and entertaining."

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