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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Article by People Magazine and the latest music video for Warner Music Group

Late last month, singer-songwriter Josh Kempen made his highly-anticipated comeback as he joined forces with SoulphiaTown for his brilliant new single ‘Need Some Company’. Now, as Josh continues to work on brand-new music for his upcoming second studio album, the singer has premiered the track’s official music video – and it’s a cinematic adventure!

Directed and produced by Josh himself alongside Rob Dos Santos, the music video is a beautiful love story which plays out around some beautiful South African landscapes. “I love that a music video can be such an immersive experience for a person. You can really take someone on a journey. It’s very gratifying,” Josh says of the music video. “Need Some Company is a song about nostalgia and longing. So, we tried our best to capture the idea of a great romance that once was.”

With a new look and a keen interest in experimentation when it comes to his sound, ‘Need Some Company’ sets an exciting tone when it comes to Josh’s new era. The single has started gaining momentum on radio stations across the country and it’s a song Josh is incredibly proud of.

“I could never really describe the sort of journey it was to write this song. Although it’s about mistakes, nostalgia, and loneliness, today it fills me with hope. That’s the alchemy that music is capable of. It can transfer suffering into a kind of triumphant temple of love. Until today I didn’t really understand that. I hope ‘Need Some Company’ touches your lives in the same way it has touched mine,” Josh tells us.

Watch the music video here:

Article courtesy of People Magazine:


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