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New Commercial By Robert dos Santos

One UK-based company is looking to take computer-mediated dating a step further and has developed what they call "the world's first virtual reality dating app". 

The app is called Planet Theta and according to its founders, FireFlare Games, it takes dating to a whole new dimension by leveraging the power of virtual reality. 

"With this cutting-edge app, users can now immerse themselves in a lifelike virtual environment where they can meet and interact with potential partners from around the globe. By providing a fully immersive experience, Planet Theta revolutionises the way people connect and forge meaningful relationships in the digital age," the company said.

Following the pandemic, people became intentional about dating and how they dated.

The app's founders even called on award-winning South African filmmaker and TV commercial director Robert dos Santos to direct an international TV commercial to showcase its launch, using his expertise to bring to life an intimate portrayal of how technology can revolutionise how people connect and form relationships.

Dos Santos, who is renowned for his visionary storytelling and captivating visuals, believes the commercial takes audiences on an emotional rollercoaster, conveying the excitement, anticipation, and romance that Planet Theta offers to its users.

The concept - initially conceived by Charlie Southall and Dan Walsh at London-based video production company Dragonfly - represents a global collaboration of talents and resources. 

"The international production spanned continents, showcasing the collaborative efforts of Dragonfly Video Productions in the UK and South Africa," said the production team. 

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